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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

skirt: h&m, shirt: h&m divided, flats: new look, bag: romwe

Hello everyone out there! My day wasn't so very excting, but I thought I might make a proper post with good pictures of my outfit again, so here you go, this is what I wore today.
I spent the day sleeping in, starting to study maths (it somehow is so much, I feel like drowning in it), then I took the bus to Echternach to have lunch with my family and grandma, got myself a big bowl of ice cream and took the bus back to my place. I initially wanted to tan while watching Body of Prood (currently watching it non stop since I finished Desperate Housewives (sob) and Gossip Girl and so on are on break right now), but when I was finally settled, it started to rain.. oh lucky me. Until now all I've done was watch more episodes and I'm soon gonna clean my room, so nothing more to write here!
I've noticed that the page views are really really going down which makes me sad because I really try to put a lot of effort into this but nothing really seems to come out of it :( Do you people have any suggestions on what I should show you here? More outfits? More photobombs, my room? Let me know! Comment below or go on my formspring!

PS: I just realised how much you wrote - do you like posts with a lot of text? Hehe :p


  1. yes i do like poosts with a lot of text ;)

    cute outfit (:

  2. ooh you should show your room. it would so awesome ;)

  3. So cute, love your skirt ♥

  4. This is such a cute outfit, I love your flats.

    I like your outfit posts and photobombs best!


  5. You look very cute! Beautiful shoes.

  6. I really like these kind of skirts:) the color is also very nice!

    (you were asking for about a 'whats in my purse' post?)



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