Thursday, 3 May 2012

My personal souvenir from Mallorca: one of the two nutella glasses that we emptied when we were hungry during the days or nights

I just quickly wanted to come by and do a small update. I had a regular day today, had career planning the whole afternoon in school (which Unis you can go to and blabla, didn't help to be honest). My day wasn't special and quite boring in general, so I when I came home this afternoon and discovered that my order (mentioned it about two weeks ago.. remember?) arrived today, my mood immediately went up.. until I opened the package. And I got the wrong item. Instead of the beautiful black bag that I ordered, I got a grass green one. My disappointment was huuge and I'll probably have to wait for another month now or so until I actually get my bag :(

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  1. aww this nutella glass is so cute (:


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