Friday, 4 May 2012

pulling stupid faces infront of the webcam never gets old
god dammit, this song is so catchy
I came home in the afternoon today, nearly entirely did my economics summary, gonna study it tomorrow and then I'll go to the Wooden Beat Festival which is an event where a bunch of bands will play, quite a few from my school, so I also know some of the people who are playing. I'll try to take pictures but I can't promise anything!
A friend is going to send me the pictures that she took with her (underwater!-)camera, so that I can upload them on Facebook (she deleted her account) and then I'll be able to make a few proper posts with pictures from Mallorca :) That's it for now, enjoy your friday night!


  1. I love your eyes! I cant wait to see more pics from your school tour :D Kisses&hugs from Ireland
    twitter: @wildblondebitch

  2. you look amazing in this silly picture . heh (: no but seriously ;)


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