Snapshot Diary

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

 left: I really like the "no hairband" style when you can't see the hair band when you're wearing a pony tail, definitely wearing it soon! right: I finally got to wear my graphic dress that I got in Saarbr├╝cken (Priiiimark!) in february last monday, love it so much!
 left: what I wore on thursday, love the dress right: random picture I took before going out last friday, wearing my new top
 left: Victor and me waiting at the bus stop with a bunch of other people, doesn't he look like a rabbit? hihih :D right: my.. chair which you can barely see anymore because of all the clothes I threw on it during the past few days
 left: random picture of me turning my head because I didn't want to be on a picture, the result looks kind of cool though haha right: finally wearing my light pink shorts (they used to be jeans.. if anyone here remembers?)
left: random hipster picture of the book we read in french class, hahaha right: awesome awesome aaawesome pasta I had a bit more than a week ago, ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach *drool*

Yes, yet another snapshot post, wouldn't have a had time to post something else today, so I already prepared this yesterday!


  1. hey, can you post a photo where one can see your new top full ? :) i mean the black and white one, i think this is very beautiful :) <3

  2. aaaaahh well i've seen the photo of the top :D ok ok sorry hihi <3 it's wonderful :)


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