Snapshot Diary

Monday, 28 May 2012

 Nora and me really enjoying french classes.. taking pictures haha!
 left: haven't bought/read magazines in ages, so I bought myself the american Glamour and my mum gave me the french one she had just bought, score! right: pulling faces in front of the mirror while waiting for my brother and mum to go to the restaurant last monday
 Quite bad pictures, but this is what I wore on wednesday, it's been so warm the entire last week! (between 21 and 24 degrees) The top I wore underneath my pullover is one that I got when I was 12, but I love it so much, I just keep on wearing it as a cropped top :D
 left: snapshot from my new bag, definitely my favourite because it goes with everything and spices outfits up right: having cold, home made ice teas at Coffee Lounge after a long, hot day with my boyfriend
left: I finally got around buying a new perfume since mine's almost empty. I really don't like spending a lot of money on cosmetics, perfumes, etc so I'm a huge fan of ZARA's 10€ perfumes, and they smell so good, so why spend 60 or 70€ if I can get something similar for cheaper? right: my absolute favourite snack right now, I love mangos and the dried version is so so good to carry around and eat whenever you want, they're still so intense in taste, yum!

So yes, as I already warned you when I got my iPhone, I'll probably be doing more of these during the next time, simply because I don't always carry around my camera or I'm too lazy to look for it when I've got my phone in my hand anyways. (Oh and also because Instagram is so awesome, hehe)


  1. nice post ;)

  2. I was also thinking on buying a new prfume, as you, I prefer the 10 euro ones :)


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