Run, run, run

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dress: H&M, knitted cardigan: ZARA, tights: don't remember, shoes & rings: H&M divided

Here are just a few snapshots of my yesterday's outfit. (Don't mind my face expressions)
I had gym today where we went running again (with my new pink running shoooesss hehe) and ohh it's so tough, I really don't like running, but one of my friends actually told me that they're impressed by my running, since I'm pretty much at the same level as her, even though she ocasionally goes running whereas I never go running. So that motivates me a bit to keep on running and working on it :D Other than that, I just finished studying german (or at least I'd like to think so.. what a shitty subject), I'm gonna have lasagna and red bull now and watch the newest Gossip Girl episode! Have a nice evening xo


  1. i'm doing running too, hate it:/ i feel like im going to faint sometimes..
    and i like your afternoon plan hehe :p

    (check out my blog too:) )

  2. Nice blog! One question, do you smoke? X

  3. German, haha, poor you xo Lovely tights :)

  4. @anon: thank you and yes, but i only party smoke from time to time :)

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