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Monday, 7 May 2012

 Last wednesday, Lena tried to draw a portrait of me and well, the drawing is good, but unfortunately it barely looks like me..
 I completely forgot to show you this beauty of a pullover! I got it in Tunisia and I adore it, I could live in it. It's nice because it's not too thick, so I can still wear it now when we've got rainy but not too cold spring weather.
 This is the bag that I recieved instead of the one that I actually ordered and I am very impressed of how nice the answer was when I emailed the website about their mistake - they said they'd refund me but I could keep the bag! Since it's not really the kind of bag that I'd wear, I'm going to try to sell it, so if you're from Luxembourg and interested, let me know! (email, formspring, facebook, comment..)
 Me cooking haha, pure randomness, really!
Yesterday I felt the urge to make and eat vanilla cupcakes and I was so happy when I found out that we've got everything in our kitchen to actually bake some, but then I realised that we didn't have any paper cups anymore :( So to satisfy my stomach calling for something sweet, I made rice pudding, yum!


  1. really nice bag ;) i love the colour.

  2. really nice bag ;) i love the colour.


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