Fake Tattoos

Monday, 14 May 2012

So I've already shown you a sneak peek of an envelope that I got approx. 2 weeks ago (I know, I'm so late with this) and here's the final post. As I already told you, the website faketattoos.se sent me samples of their awesome tattoos! I got the two that you can see in the first and second picture and I really like them! Since the revolver is pretty big and I want to apply it on the side of my waist, or.. how do I explain this.. pretty much the way Rihanna has her tattoo, I decided to keep it for summer when I'll be walking around in loose tops and you can actually see it, so i applied the other one on my wrist and it was really easy to do and quite a few friends of mine already complimented me on it :) I definitely recommend you to check their website! Not only are their tattoo motives really nice, they're also cheap! Check it out here!

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  1. love it!!
    xoxo Sienna


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