Tuesday, 22 May 2012

top, skirt: h&m, flats: primark

Hey guys, this is gonna be a quite quick update since I'm leaving to the restaurant with my mum and brother soon. All in all, I had a very good day, we watched a movie in philosophy, I managed to run almost 5km within 30minutes (I'm so so proud of myself:D), I had a relaxed triple lunch and wrote a big ass essay (almost 1000words) in english. And something else, really nice happened today, but more about that tomorrow.. ;) Annnnnd I got an 8/10 in my spanish test which I'm also really happy about, so everything's going well so far! I've got 9 and a half days of school left and then I'm done with classes for this year and I'll start my exams once again.. so scary!
Enough text now (quick update, mmmh right), I'm off! xo

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