Sunday, 15 April 2012

Like many other girls, I developped a thing for big, eye-catching rings. The bigger and more special, the better. I still like that kind of rings, but I've come to the point where I think that they don't suit me that well, especially because I have extremely small wrists and quite small hands. Right now I am really getting into slim but very special rings, especially gold ones, I've always prefered golden to silver jewellery. So I started looking through some online shops and here are a few rings that I adore but I'm not sure whether I should order any of them or not..

These are all from asos and cost around 10€, they come in a pack of two or, like on the last picture, in a pack of three (I think those were nearly 20€, though). I really like all of them, even if my favourite ones probably are the last three ones.. Maybe I should first take a look at H&M during the next few days before spending 10 times more money, hehe
However, what do you think of the rings?


  1. LOVE the rings!
    and oh my goodness, absolutely! since i haven't blogged in months i feel i've lost 95% of my readers, so would be amazing to get some back! so yes, more than happy for you to do that :) just let me know which photos you want to use first, and i'll do the same sort of post back :D

  2. ermmm.... i'll send you a few later :) i'm about to upload some new outfit pictures now, and all my older photos are SO outdated! hahaha
    sorry to be picky! i'll let you know :D so thankful once again! i adore your blog!


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