Wednesday, 4 April 2012

 Isabel and me before the musical
 I bought my Rock A Field ticket a few days ago, I can't wait! For those who don't know what RAF is: it's the most famous music festival in Luxembourg (over 2 days this year) and there'll be artists like The Kooks, Jessie J, Modestep, Snow Patrol, Mumford and Sons, and many more! (those are the ones that I know/like)
 Chocolate.. cake that Pedro and Alex made for moral class (basically chocolate cake with gummi bears, strawberries, smarties and Idk what else they put in there) It had a very.. special taste, hahaha! (oh and I added some more nutella of course haha)
I'm completely addicted to chocolate eggs, I'm so happy that you can buy them everywhere right now:D And on the right is a tasty drink that I discovered recently - with green tea, mmh!


  1. Jessie J kennt net :/ hatt sollt kommen, mee huet irgendswéi oofgesoot oder sou..

  2. jessie j isn't coming to raf anymore :(

  3. nice garden (:


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