Friday, 20 April 2012

Above are a few outfits that I found on Lookbook and really like. I realised that most of the outfits that I picked for this post are rather simple, basic ones, more street style -ish than dressed up and perfect from head to toe. I'm currently feeling very uninspired when it comes to my wardrobe. Clearly, I do have something to wear, since my wardrobe is nearly exploding, but I just can't find a nice and new way to combine different items.. I hope that I'll get some inspiration from Lookbook and other blogs (well, the internet in general and also from a few magazines), so that my eyes will open to many new combining possibilities.. Are there any 'trends' or ways of combining that you like a lot right now?

PS: Do you like this kind of posts?

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  1. What I do sometimes is take everything out,categorize the clothes on 'tshirts' 'dresses' 'shorts' and then create new outfits:)
    also if you got a lookbook i can fan+hype:)


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