Webcam Photobomb

Thursday, 8 March 2012

 my mum gave me this cute bunny a few days ago, I've had it since I was really young
 a few weeks ago, my webcam was upside down, luckily I found a way to fix it :D the picture is still funny haha!
 random picture of my necklace :)
 wonderfully artificial rainbow nerds :D green tongue for the win!
 what I wore to the LMFAO concert last saturday
 hair up, no make-up and glasses, typical sunday look!
 my hair was a bit curly after having it in a bun the whole afternoon when it was still humid
 I look so blonde sometimes!
 me, for once making a normal face haha
..and another one fooling around again!

These are just a bunch of webcam pictures I took over the last few weeks/days! I survived my geography test and german presentation yesterday, history test to go and I'm finally off for two days again, a very well needed weekend that will be! I'll prepare a photobomb with camera pictures now, since I'll only be back home on saturday, see you! xo

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