Thursday, 15 March 2012

 I painted my nails light blue a few days ago and since I hadn't used that nailpolish for months, it wasn't properly "mixed", thought it looked cool hehe
 a part of what I wore yesterday, didn't get to take any better pictures because the camera died right after taking this one
since the weather was so beautiful and sunny today, (around 16/17 degrees!) Zora and I decided not to go home immediately after school, so we went to town, ate frozen yoghurt, walked through shops and caught up on girls talk :) (mine is the one with the oreos btw hihi)

No need to tell me how much of a terrible blogger I am, I know it myself! To make it up to you, I'll also prepare a post for tomorrow and try to make another one for the weekend. I won't be at home over the weekend though since I'm going to the Europarty in Brussels (I'll explain what that is to you in another post) and will probably spend my whole sunday with sleeping and eating. However, I'm off now to eat pasta and watch GNTM at Victoria's place!

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