Friday, 2 March 2012

I bought Rainbow Nerds for the first time yesterday and they're aaaawesome! They're colourful and sweet and crunchy and tasty, nomnomnom!
I prepared this post last night, since I won't be home until 10PM or so and I'm always so lazy on friday nights :p Anyways, my plans for the weekend mostly are studying history and geography and finishing my german presentation, but I'm going to the LMFAO concert on saturday night! I'll probably have dinner with a bunch of girls, have a drink it town and then go to the concert. I can't wait, I hope the atmosphere will be good! Sadly, I won't be going out after the concert, since I really want/need to study on sunday.. However, it's quite possible that I'll only post again on saturday, but hopefully with some cool pictures from the concert :)

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