Saturday, 24 March 2012

 cropped top & flats: new look, jeggings: dr denim
hair accessory: h&m (yes I kow that you can see the other hairband I wore underneath, but I re-did it afterwards)

Here's what I wore yesterday, nothing super exciting, but I love my new red flats hihi :) I went to see Project X yesterday and it was really funny, not the typical kind of movie, but definitely cool! Today is mostly about studying and homework, one week to go and I'm off school for two weeks. I'm actually really glad, because we'll be going to Tunisia and afterwards is my school trip, but at the same time I'm scared of how fast time is flying again.. I've got about 3months left until I'm on summerholidays and in september I start my last year of school.. ever. Hmm, I guess I shouldn't be worrying too much, the weather's too nice for that hehe! (nearly 20 degrees!!)
However, I'm off!

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