Sunday, 18 March 2012

 Drinking beer at Delirium (a "bar" where they have 2004 different kinds of beer!)
 The ceiling there
 Sofia and me :)

 Playing cards with Pieter, haha!
 Laura, Orla and Sofia
 Laura, me, Orla
 Working the duckface!
 Sofia, Sarah and me :)
 I bought see through tights in Brussels and wore them to the party aand this is what they looked like at the end of the evening
Pablo and Lorenzo sleeping in the bus back to Luxembourg around 6am, hahaha!

I had an aaawesome time yesterday! I went shopping a bit, spent time with cool people, danced until my feet hurt and nearly got lost in Brussels with Laura :D I arrived at Luxembourg at 7.30 in the morning today, my dad picked me up and all I've been doing today was eating and sleeping, and since I still feel like a zombie, I'm pretty sure that I'll go to bed quite early tonight!
I'll take pictures of the few things that I bought soon and post them here :)

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