31st of March

Saturday, 31 March 2012

 random picture of Denise (girl that I met in Brussels), Laura and me before the Europarty

Hey guys! I just finished packing and tomorrow I'm off to Tunisia. I'm really looking forward to more warmth and finally walking around in bikinis, light tops and pretty dresses again, but I know myself, I'll already start missing Luxembourg and everyone here after a few days!
However, I'm going to prepare a few posts (three or so, I don't have that much "material"..), I won't take my laptop with me and even if I'll have internet over there, I doubt that I'll update from my iPhone..
Anyways, I'm gonna relax a bit now and watch a few episodes of Private Practice, I wish you all very nice holidays and for those who aren't on holidays.. yeah well haha:D See you! xo

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