Sunday, 12 February 2012

This is just too cute not to shaaare

Boo at me, I know, I've been a horrible blogger those last days. To sum up my week, nothing super interesting happened and I didn't take a single picture, so I really didn't know what to post..
However, the weather here in Luxembourg is still awfully cold (down to -13 degrees!), but at least it is getting dark later everyday, which I really like because I can't stand the darkness during winter!
Tomorrow is my last week of school and then I'm off school for a week and during that week is gonna be my birthday! I'm turning 17 in 8 days and it feels.. so weird. 17 isn't any special age and I feel terribly old, regarding the fact that I'm 18 in a bit more than a year.. where the hell did time go?
However, something I'm really looking forward to during those holidays is that I'll go to Saarbrücken (Germany) with lots of other Bloggers from Luxembourg to go shopping and the best of all is that we'll go there three days after my birthday, so I'll hopefully get to spend some (*cough* all *cough*) of my birthday money there!
I think this is enough text for the post, I'll try to make an effort and take more pictures, I promise!

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