Thursday, 23 February 2012

Elizabete and me messing around in front of the mirrors in Primark, haha!

Elizabete, Kristiana and me :)

Elizabete and my lunch, mmmhh!

Elizabete bought one of those smoothie-ish drinks with kind of strawberry bubbles, they tasted so funny

Nathalie and Emma spamming my camera while I wasn't there hahaha
Aaaall the girls (only Kristiana (click!) had to leave earlier) (from the left to the right) Emma, Heleret, Nathalie, Ines, Elizabete, Mandy, Jenny, Vicky, Steffi, Aline and me
my bus tickets

Hey guys! As I told you yesterday, I went to Saarbrücken with lots of other bloggers (we were 12 in total) to go shopping and I had an amazing time! I got to meet a bunch of new girls, that for example didn't come to our last and first blogger meeting. I didn't buy that many things, and I figured that it would be better if I take pictures of the few new things tomorrow, since the light isn't the best right now. Anyways, here are the pictures I took with my camera, didn't take that many, I left the big photo-taking-process to the other girls with awesome cameras and I for sure will post one or two more posts with more pictures of our day :) But until then, I hope you enjoy my pictures! xo


  1. primark is great! you guys look great ♥

  2. really nice post :) seems like you had an amazing time! looking forward for the post with the things you bought! xx anni

  3. I looove the difference between you guys in the first picture haha <3


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