22th of february

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

skirt: new look, shoes: random shop, tights: primark, cropped jumper: h&m, scarf: zara, leather jacket: mango, bag: topshop (ignore my face expressions, I was in a rush haha)

I spent my entire afternoon with my boyfriend looking for jeans (for him, I'm trying to save my money for tomorrow hehe) and ended up buying the american Glamour (6.50€, outch) and those more than cool socks from the h&m men's department. As some of you maybe already know, I'm going to Saarbrücken (Germany) for a day tomorrow with a bunch of other bloggers from Luxembourg and I can't wait! They have shops like New Look and Primark there, aand a Starbucks, wee! I've got to go to bed earlier today ("earlier", mhm) because we're taking the bus at 9:15 tomorrow.
So I'm off to watch Desperate Housewives and eat ice cream rolled up under my big blanket, see you!


  1. how much did the bus ticket cost :)?

  2. they were 14€ there and back :)


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