Stormy Weather

Thursday, 5 January 2012

An outfit I wore a while ago; jeggings: dr denim, hoodie: hollister, scarf: h&m, bag&shoes: cheap chinese shops

We had a real storm going on last night, and it went on until 12 or so during the day today as well, so I decided that I don't want to get up and I stayed in bed until 13:30, and then immediately had lunch, hehe. I haven't done anything productive today, I read a book, showered and got dressed, and now I'm here. I actually have to finish my german presentation I started two days ago, but I really can't bring up the motivation to do it.. Oh well, I still have a few days of holidays left! 
Yesterday I did some sale shopping with Kathlyn and Victoria and ended up buying a pair of jeggings, a pullover and a bag, but I can only show you pictures next week, hum:(
I just remembered that a new episode of PLL came out yesterday, so I'll watch that one now, yayy:D See you! xo

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  1. The new episode of PLL is .. ok, no words for that! >.<


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