Sunday, 22 January 2012

 some items I decided I should start wearing more again, things like: thick jeans jacket, transparent shirt, orange-ish blazer, denim shirt, light pink cardigan, grey parka (I thought I'd lost it!!) and so on
 totally forgot to take a picture of this pullover I got when I went to Trier with my family a while ago, from H&M Divided, 10€ on sale (I think)
bought a new mascara at Schlecker for 3€, hehe cheap make-up ftw

I'm gonna have my usual monday today, the only day where I have 8 school periods straight one after another and in the evening I'm going to Trier with my and two other classes to go to the theatre. I'm not exactly looking forward to the show, but mostly to the train ride with all my friends, I don't know why, but I always find them so fun! Since I'll only be back at 11:30PM or so, I prepared this post.
See you!

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  1. I have this sweater too but its so itchy haha.


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