Saturday, 14 January 2012

Now that I have my camera back, I was finally able to take pictures of the few things I recently bought (the last two weeks more or less) So here we go:
 the same bag I own in black (the one that broke), from H&M, 7€ on sale
 jumper from ZARA, 10€ on sale (looks soo much better IRL)

 better pictures of my new boots, finally! from Bianco, 110€ (but oh so worth it)
dr denim jeggings, 45€

I'm in love with all the items and I already wore them all, but I didn't take any pictures, oops.. A picture with my boots will take some time though, because I somehow managed to hurt my right foot on tuesday when I wore them the entire day and played hardcore basketball in gym, doesn't seem to be the best combination.. oh well now I'll have to wait until my foot is better to wear them again :(


  1. love the dr denims... <3

  2. the jeggings and oh, the shoes:o so lovely.


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