Monday, 16 January 2012

jeggings: dr denim, white pullover: topshop, hoodie: hollister, leather jacket: zara, bag: h&m (+black fake allstars from h&m)

I don't know if any of you know the app Instagram, but I'm sure that if you do, you'll agree with me that it's awesome and so addictive! (it basically is an app to edit pictures in such cool ways). Since you can't install it on your laptop unless you have a mac, I googled similar programs and found this website called, where you have very similar effects and I love it!
So yes, the picture from this post is also edited with it, no spectacular effect though, because the quality of the picture sucks due bad lightening. Definitely gonna use that site in the future!

PS: the scarf is new, I bought it off a friend, but I don't remember where it is from..


  1. Love the scarf and just the whole outfit;)

  2. wooow, that looks really great :)


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