Wednesday, 25 January 2012

some snapshots of what I looked like yesterday

I haven't taken any picture with me camera over the last few days, so these webcam snapshots will have to do it for now. I made myself a sock bun yesterday (which means that you use a rolled up sock instead of a hair sponge to make the bun bigger and stay longer), but I didn't use the typical way to do it, because my hair's too straight and soft, so it doesn't stay as it's supposed to.
Lately school's mostly been boring, I'm in the part of the school year where I have a test in different subjects here and there, but no big stress, so I'm quite relaxed most of the time. The theatre on monday was quite good, not too boring as we all thought I'd be, haha!
That's it for now, nothing else to tell, and now I gotta post this, because Desperate Housewives is starting now! Bye bye xo

PS: Obviously, the bun looked better earlier in the day, I haven't re-made it the whole day, so it got a bit messier through the day.

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