Monday, 31 December 2012

jeggings: dr denim, watch: asos, pullover: massimo dutti (2nd hand), jacket: h&m divided

I just quickly wanted to stop by and wish you all a great day/evening, enjoy the last day of 2012 - I certainly will! I've gotta run to catch my bus now, so see you next year! xx


Thursday, 27 December 2012

(everything's from H&M!)

I decided to go try out my tripod for real (outside hah) today and thought "why not as well show my two new pieces?". That's right. I bought something, again. But, I've had my eyes on those leather-looking pants for a while now and when I realised that hey, other pants than Dr Denim jeggings actually FIT me, I couldn't resist but buy them. And the blouse... it was on sale for 10€.. I mean.
Oh and I know that shots aren't the best, considering that I really did take them with a tripod, but as my defense: it started raining while snapping these pictures and I also don't have a camera remote yet, so I had to work with the oh-so-annoying self timer again. x

PS: Ignore my make-up-less, paler-than-ever face, I tried to keep it out of the picture as much as possible, ha


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I've been wanting both dark blue and highwaisted jeggings from Dr Denim for a while now, so I was so happy when I found these and my dad (uhm, I mean santa) agreed to give them for me on Christmas
 I finaaaaaaaaaally can start taking proper outfit picture without any human assistence (haha), I will buy myself a remote for my camera ASAP as well, so no more excuses (apart from the lightning..)
 Left: my family (mostly my mum and I haha) is planning to have a two week trip through England in summer, including London and Cambridge (can't wait to go back there!!) Right: I am definitely getting fat now, I found myself drooling over all the cakes in there for at least 20 minutes yesterday..

 Since I already have black/white converse, I decided not to get vans in the same colour, but plain white ones, love them! Now I've just got to wait for less rain and dirt outside..
 I went to pick this fake fur jacket myself and chose it a bit oversized (it's a size M), so that I can also wear it with a few layers underneath in case the weather's turning really icy again.
 I'm so so in love with this watch, it's kind of rose gold-ish and ah, beautiful. It is (of course) a bit too big for me, so I'll have to drop by a jewelry shop the following days, but I already expected that - my wrists are ridiculously slim
Nothing special to say here - plain, simple, golden jewelry (the squares are earrings). Oh yeah, and just to give you an idea: see the slimmer bracelet? Well that one actually fits my wrist, just so you can imagine how small my wrists are!

I love absolutely everything I got and I feel so blessed! I also got some money, which I'll try and keep a bit for the moment, if I can manage..
I hope all of you had a great Christmas, with lots of good food, great presents and laughter!

PS: Pleasde excuse the different lightning in some of the pictures, but the sun couldn't decide whether it should stay behind the clouds or come out and I couldn't be bothered waiting for either options, so..


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm off to the Restaurant with my family soon to have lots of good food and later we'll come back to my place and unwrap presents! Enjoy your day, no matter if you celebrate today or did yesterday, xx

Mini Shopping

Monday, 24 December 2012


Here's what I brought home from my mini shopping trip to H&M yesterday. The black sweater is something really simple which I never have enough of, it always seems like everything black from my closet is in the wash at once.. The necklace is something I've been wanting for a while, but I didn't buy any until I found this one, one I really like! And lastly, the bordeaux red top was on sale for 7€ (instead of 10) and I thought I'd fit wonderfully for Christmas (will be wearing it tomorrow) and I liked the colour and everything.. oh and by the way, the upper part is kind of transparent, but you can't properly see it on the picture.

No, I won't wish any of you here Merry Christmas today, but tomorrow! Even though I will have a 'light' dinner (salmon toasts, seafood, etc) tonight, my family traditionally celebrates it on the 25th. :)


Sunday, 23 December 2012

I bought this jacket off a girl and I love it! I'll probably have to wait until spring to wear it though, but I can't wait.
My day was spent being lazy, watching The perks of being a wallflower (love!), baking christmas cookies, wrapping presents and mini shopping at H&M (I'll show you what I got tomorrow). Casual, but very relaxing Sunday.


Saturday, 22 December 2012

a friend of mine made four of these and brought them to school so everyone could have a piece.. it was soo good!

Good news for me and you, I'm finally off school for two weeks! I'm in such a need of that break, it's incredible. Me being off school also means: I can get back to regular blogging!
Yesterday, I went to a birthday party, today I'm staying at home and doing absolutely nothing, just the way it's supposed to be during holidays. Tomorrow, I'll go driving a bit an help my brother find a new phone and on Monday, my parents brother and I will have a relaxed dinner at home, since we mostly celebrate Christmas on the 25th, with lots of good food and presents (yaay!!)
The Christmas spirit isn't very obvious (in my opinion at least), it's not too cold, but rainy and grey.. so much for a white Christmas..
I'll post again ASAP! x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

jeggings: dr denim, shoes: converse, sweater: pull & bear, jacket: zara, watch: swatch

Excuse the quality of the pictures, but it was getting dark already and I only noticed how much my brother must've moved while taking them when I uploaded them on the computer.
My night out yesterday was great fun and today I studied a bit and soon I'm going to Trier (Germany) with my mum, I might have a stroll through some shops.. The pictures above are showing what I'm wearing, I thought I might as well just throw in an outfit post for once, since it feels like I barely do them anymore..


Thursday, 13 December 2012

 Jo cutting the cake, nom!
 Philippa & Sarah
 Looks more like a torture than fun, judging after Waldo's face expression:D
 Andreas and me :)
 Caren and me

 like a pro!
 Jo and Anna
 The twins! How gorgeous are they?!

Since it was the twins' 18th birthday today (Kate and Jo) and I took a picture of my economics class (for the yearbook), I took my camera with me to school, which is always THE occasion where everyone takes a ridiculous amount of pictures with it :D Here are some that I decided to share with you.
Also - it's almost the weekend! Even though I'll have to spend it studying, I can at least breathe for a bit, going to the twins' birthday party tomorrow and then step by step getting myself through history and geography.. so close to the christmas holidays!! I seriously am in terrible need of free time, sleep and boyfriend-time, my schedule is way too full and exhausting at the moment.

See the spark

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I spontaneously decided to pull my brother out of the house and take a couple of pictures in the tons of snow in our garden and here are the results. We didn't take that many but I do like them :) A proper photoshoot in the snow could turn out soo cool... don't you think?