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Monday, 12 December 2011

random picture I took a while ago

Finishing school at 1PM today. Go to my grandma's place. Have lunch. Study.
And that's it, that's what most of my days the next 8/9 days will look like, since I'm starting my exams tomorrow! I'm quite nervous, because I'll write my exams in our Salle de fĂȘtes (like eh a room with uhm a stage and stuff? haha), and not in normal classrooms anymore, and I'll have spanish and philosophy compos for the first time in my life, uh-ooh..

I thought I might make a plan on which exams I have and when:
Tuesday (13th): German
Wednesday: English & Philosophy
Thursday: Maths
Friday: DAY OFF!
Monday (19th): Spanish
Tuesday: DAY OFF!
Wednesday: French

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