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Monday, 19 December 2011

I watched this movie with Victoria on saturday night, we both loved it and I definitely recommend it!
I spent my weekend more or less (mainly less) studying spanish verbs and being with Kathlyn and Victoria. On saturday it started snowing out of nowhere, but the snow doesn't seem to want to stay with us, it hasn't snowed since then. I had my spanish exam today and I have no idea about how the part with the verbs went, but I think the writing part went quite well :) Tomorrow I'll have another day off, which I'll probably spend tidying and putting clothes for sale on facebook, and on wednesday I have my last exam, aah what a lovely feeling!
Another reason why my mood is quite good is, that I found out that I'm going to Mallorca in April 2012 for the 6th year trip (a school trip everyone makes when in 6th year secondary) and the people and destination definitely seem to be cool, so I'm excited about that!
That's it for today, see you! xo

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