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Monday, 5 December 2011

jeggings: dr denim, shirt: forever21, scarf & bag: h&m, leather jacket: zara (+brown lace up boots from bianco)

A picture of a random outfit I wore in the beginning of November and clearly, it now is way too cold to run around in my leather jacket with rolled up sleeves *cry*. As well, what annoys me is that the bag I'm wearing in the picture broke because I carried too much stuff in it, I was so upset when I saw how it slowly broke! Oh and referring to the quality of the picture: I took it on a thursday morning around 9am while waiting for my bus and I clearly shouldn't have zoomed in and cropped it since the quality didn't really get a lot better that way.. oh well, I'll try to resist cropping it next time!
Other than talking about the picture above, I only went to school for the first 4 lessons today, because I didn't want to miss spanish and maths (compos/exams in a week) and history (test on friday), but at 12:15 I decided that I'd rather go to my grandma's place to rest a bit to cure out my cold I've been having for a few days now (I slept around 6hours, having a stupid nightmare and spending half of the night tossing around in bed because it was too warm) and study for my geography test on wednesday than stay in school for another 4 periods which weren't so relevant, so I took a nap and studied instead of dying in french, eco, english or biology, haha!
Okay that's quite a lot of text for one post, so I'll stop here and wish you all a good week, xo


  1. nice scarf! :)


  2. your blog fiiiiiiiiiinally seems to get interesting again! :) i love outfit posts!


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