Hello December

Sunday, 4 December 2011

 my new baaaby! I still have to find a nice background picture, hehe
 since the keyboard is in AZERTY and not QWERTZ, the one I'm used to, I got some special stickers to get the QWERTZ keyboard
and this is me right now! Today, my brother and I got all our chocolates and candy for St Nicholas, nomnom

So I finally have my very own, fast and good laptop and I'm so so happy! I spent last night downloading iTunes, Photoscape, Firefox, etc and downloading music until 1am (oops) and today I'm gonna install all the Microsoft stuff when I'm done with some studying and homework - it's so hard to focus on such things when the laptop is standing next to you and whispering 'uuuse me' hahaha :(
Well however, I'm better off now, see you later! xo

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  1. I understand you so well! I just got an iPad and I have to study for a maths exam...


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