Free Friday

Friday, 16 December 2011

jeggings: dr denim, shirt & scarf: h&m, boots: zara, bag: new look, jacket: my dad's
(random outfit I wore a while ago)
I had my free friday today and didn't really do anything. The weather in Luxembourg recently has been craaazy! Rain 24/7, stormy wind, sometimes a bit of snow.. I have two exams to go, spanish and french. I'm okay for french, we can't really study for it, but I'm nervous about spanish, because I'll have to study lots of verbs over the weekend, hum :( Other than that, no special plans this weekend or next week, I can't wait to be on christmas holidays, even though I am absolutely not ready to start 2012 in 15 days yet, everything went by way too fast!


  1. me encanta el sweater de tu papá!! Te escribo en español así practicas para tu examen :) suerte! desde argentina!

  2. aaw gracias:D gonna answer the rest in english because my vocabulary in spanish isn't good enough; that's so sweet and you really made me smile hihi :)

  3. oh your dad's jacket is so cute!


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