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Saturday, 31 December 2011

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Pretty many people are doing a post about how their year was on their blog, but since I haven't been blogging from the same laptop for the entire year, I decided that I'll just write down the things that pop up in my head when I think of the different months.

January: I went to Brussels with my family, fell in love with the city and did lots of shopping.
February: I finally turned 16 and started to go out more. I gave in my sheet with my subject choices for the last two years of school that I have left and I enjoyed every second of the thought that I'd only have a few months of chemistry left, haha!
March: Went out, got closer to some people.
April: Went to Turkey with my family, it was so beautiful!
May: Got to know someone I'm good friends with now, baked shit loads of cakes and cookies with friends.
June: Last few days of school for me, survived my exams and that wicked 5th year, went out, spent time with amazing people, went to a BBQ and got soaking wet, layed on the street, walked around with bare feet when it was 35°C.
July: Had my BBQ Party with Victoria, which was aawesome, worked in my town for the first time and earned my own money. Went to England with Jil, met amazing people, instantly fell in love with Cambridge, had the best time.
August: Spent a lot of time with friends, went to Belgium with my family and finally to the beach in summer, tanned!
September: Started my second last year of school, went to the Schueberfouer (a big fair) with friends, went out, started to miss the summer holidays.
October: School school school, went out, went to Vienna with my mother and brother, did some shopping and nearly froze to death.
November: Went to the Black & White party that got organised by our school, worked for school..
December: Finally got my laptop, way too much chocolate and other candy! Had my winter exams, celebrated Christmas with a delicious turkey and now GONNA PARTY HARD!

In conclusion, to me 2011 was absolutely amazing. I dare to say that it was my best year so far. Even though I had some downs as well, the ups are still taking over and I'm actually quite sad to leave this year behind me, because it feels like it went by way too fast.

I'm not sure if I'll post again tonight, since I'm going to a warm up/house party and afterwards go out in town, so I wish you all a Happy New Year! May your wishes come true and 2012 be just as amazing as 2011 was!

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