All you're gonna be is mean

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

 Kathlyn's mum gave me this book for christmas, it's full of tasty recipes you can do with nutell, yum!
what I look like right now, could there be any hotter? hahaha

Good evening! Just a quick stop to say hi, I just finished typing my german essay, (german is like so boring and difficult this year, hating it!) and I'm now soon gonna study geography for my test tomorrow, I actually understand everything, but I feel like I don't know anything, well isn't that great? Indeed it is, meh.
Other than that, my day was more than chilled; I had the first lesson free (as always) and spent that having breakfast and playing cards, then in philosophy we continued watching Minority Report, then I had double gym, with volleyball test (no idea if I did well or not), then I had my usual triple lunch (like every tuesday) and we spent the last two periods in english watching Despicable Me, which was so cute and funny in my opinion!
And yes, I'm off to eat now, bye xo

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