Vienna - Day 2

Sunday, 13 November 2011

"amount of eaten Schnitzels since the 1st January"
 "amount of money that has been spent for war" (and the number was rising rapidly)
 they had magazines hanging in the Metro
 "please feed me!" those bins were spread all over the city, so cool!

 Schönbrunn! For those who don't know what it is, it's the summerhouse ("house", right) where princess Elisabeth and prince Franz used to live. It was beautiful, it made me want to cry, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the building :(
 lots of cool, sparkly pens and pencils

 the parc around Schönbrunn

 (of course my mum only took the picture when my eyes were closed..)

 Can you find the insect on the two pictures above?:D

 they were sooo cute, I wanted to steal them!

posing for the camera like a boss

 after visiting Schönbrunn, we went to a Zoo right next to it...
... and I bought this cool mask, haha!

So that basically is what we did on the second day :) But hell, it was cold!

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