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Sunday, 20 November 2011

picture from friday night with Kathlyn and Anne

So friday I went to that party that got organised by our school, but I didn't take any pictures and it definitely wasn't my best night out, but whatever :) I slept in until 12am yesterday and I was so tired the whole day, the only thing I did was going to the hairdresser and hang out with Kathlyn! Today I've been doing pretty much the same, which means - nothing. I still have a spanish essay to write, but I've been too lazy until now, ahh someone should forbid sundays, I hate them! However, I should get started on that damn essay soon, so I'll leave blogspot now, see you! xo

PS: I know that my blogging here's been pretty bad, but I haven't had the time/motivation to prepare proper posts, I've been a lot more active on my tumblr, check it out and follooow :D

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