la gente esta muy loca

Saturday, 15 October 2011

jeggings: new look, black shirt: mum's, scarf: h&m, leather jacket: zara, shoes: cheap chinese shop

I'm not even gonna try to explain why I barely updated this week, I simply was too damn busy!
Yesterday night I went to the movies with four girl friends to see What's your number? and it was good, so funny and the guy playing in it is soooo (x648190474) hot!
Today I went to Gare with Kathlyn and came home with a new pair of my beloved Dr Denim Kissie Jeggings and a new bag, since the bag I'm currently using for school isn't gonna stay alive much longer because the closing thing is nearly completely broken.. (the beautiful bag from new look!!:( ) I was too lazy to take good pictures of the things, so you'll see them as soon as I'm wearing them :)
That's all for now!

PS: I know that the pictures are crappy, but the lightening was getting worse and since I used self timer and the camera was about to die, I had to hurry!


  1. like your outfit!
    I've got almost the same leather jacket :)

  2. nice nice :)


  3. SI, la gente esta muy loca!! i love ur leather jacket!

  4. I really like this outfit. I adore your shoes, especially!



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