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Thursday, 20 October 2011

 I don't know if you can see it, but the pendant is two fishes, my zodiac sign!
shirt, scarf bag and shoes: h&m, jeggings: dr denim, leather jacket: zara

Here you can see what I wore yesterday. I bought that white plain shirt for 10€ in H&M on tuesday and the same in black as well and I love them so much, I think I'm gonna get a few more of them! Other than that, you can see one of my two buys from saturday when I went to town with Kathlyn. I bought the bag in H&M for 15€ and I'm actually surprised that it's big enough to use as school bag, hehe.
So far my week hasn't been very exciting, I had a biology test today that went fine (I still can't resist not starting to laugh when I think of it hahaha) and an english test on tuesday which was easy, soo yes! Tomorrow after school I'm gonna have a drink with two friends, then go back to school, go to Caren's place with a bunch of other people, get ready at her place, have dinner at Coyote Café (we'll be 14, I think!) and then go to town a go out a bit or yeah, we'll see, it's her 16th birthday on saturday!
Basically, that it is all for now, I think I'm gonna prepare a post for tomorrow or saturday, so make sure to check my blog! xo


  1. really like your outfit ♥

  2. i love the necklace its cute x


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