Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ask me questions about eeeverything

I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air

Pictures from friday night

Since I'm leaving to Vienna tomorrow, today's been all about downloading music, packing and lying around.
I'm gonna prepare one or two posts for the few days that I'll be gone, I'll be back on thursday though! I hope I'm gonna take lots of pictures and do some nice shopping, so that I finally have more exiting stuff to post about :) Until then, have a nice sunday evening! xo

All the single ladies

Friday, 28 October 2011

picture of me and Laura from last friday, I edited it with Instagram

I just realised that I didn't update all week long, woops! Well my excuse is, as always, that I've been busy with school (I had geography and history test this week) and that nothing worth taking pictures of or writing about happened the last few days. Tonight I'm going out with a few friends, but I'm still in jogging pants and hoodie right now, so I should better get my ass up, have dinner and get ready! I'm sure that we'll take pictures so I'll probably post them during the next few days :) Until then, have a nice friday night, everyone! xo

Pictures of last friday night

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Accroches-toi, poupée

Friday, 21 October 2011

This is what happens when I'm on the laptop, the webcam's on and I'm extremely bored.
I'll be back at home this afternoon, but I don't know if I'll post more, because I need to start studying, I have Geography and History test next week!

All the ladies with the slim slim waist, let me see work your body bass

Thursday, 20 October 2011

 I don't know if you can see it, but the pendant is two fishes, my zodiac sign!
shirt, scarf bag and shoes: h&m, jeggings: dr denim, leather jacket: zara

Here you can see what I wore yesterday. I bought that white plain shirt for 10€ in H&M on tuesday and the same in black as well and I love them so much, I think I'm gonna get a few more of them! Other than that, you can see one of my two buys from saturday when I went to town with Kathlyn. I bought the bag in H&M for 15€ and I'm actually surprised that it's big enough to use as school bag, hehe.
So far my week hasn't been very exciting, I had a biology test today that went fine (I still can't resist not starting to laugh when I think of it hahaha) and an english test on tuesday which was easy, soo yes! Tomorrow after school I'm gonna have a drink with two friends, then go back to school, go to Caren's place with a bunch of other people, get ready at her place, have dinner at Coyote Café (we'll be 14, I think!) and then go to town a go out a bit or yeah, we'll see, it's her 16th birthday on saturday!
Basically, that it is all for now, I think I'm gonna prepare a post for tomorrow or saturday, so make sure to check my blog! xo


Monday, 17 October 2011

 A few days ago, I found this beauty in my mum's closet and I'm now gonna beg her to let me wear it, it's so beautiful! I can already imagine it paired with black skinnies and flats or lace-up boots, mmmh.

What do you think, do you like it?


Sunday, 16 October 2011

 I was so bored during history class that I started drawing on myself

bought myself some delicious sushi on friday, it's in the fridge right now and I think I'm gonna eat it tonight, mwhahaha

Today was supposed to be all about studying biology and doing spanish homework, but since I really don't get a thing in biology, (it's more like chemistry the way we are doing it and it's pissing me off so fucking much because I've always sucked at it) my mood is really bad right now and I'm too hungry and lazy to start my spanish essay. Oh whatever, I still have more than 10 hours left of the sunday, right? 
Be so nice and spam me on formspring, would you? :D

la gente esta muy loca

Saturday, 15 October 2011

jeggings: new look, black shirt: mum's, scarf: h&m, leather jacket: zara, shoes: cheap chinese shop

I'm not even gonna try to explain why I barely updated this week, I simply was too damn busy!
Yesterday night I went to the movies with four girl friends to see What's your number? and it was good, so funny and the guy playing in it is soooo (x648190474) hot!
Today I went to Gare with Kathlyn and came home with a new pair of my beloved Dr Denim Kissie Jeggings and a new bag, since the bag I'm currently using for school isn't gonna stay alive much longer because the closing thing is nearly completely broken.. (the beautiful bag from new look!!:( ) I was too lazy to take good pictures of the things, so you'll see them as soon as I'm wearing them :)
That's all for now!

PS: I know that the pictures are crappy, but the lightening was getting worse and since I used self timer and the camera was about to die, I had to hurry!

You made me find my independence

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

some random pictures I took with my new turban

Sorry for the lack of posts, but blogger somehow didn't let me update yesterday, hm!
My week's been pretty good so far, I'm having 6 free hours all in all this week since my german and biology teachers are absent, which means that I finished school at 14:50 instead of 16:25 today and that I'll only start my lessons at 11:30 tomorrow, yay for a lot of sleep, haha.
Other than that, I had a mini maths test today, which was okay and the rest of the week'll  relaxed as well.
Right now I'm watching tv, trying to do my spanish homework and soon gonna have dinner, see you xo

Party People

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some pictures from the party I went to on friday/saturday, I had an incredible time!

The only productive thing I've done today was my spanish homework and opening my maths book, look at the mess of numbers and closing it again. I really should get myself to do more work the next few weeks, but it's so hard to let go of the lazy summerholiday-ish habits, sigh.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

 turban from h&m
 knitted cardigan from zara
plain, simple pullover from zara

I just realised that I haven't blogged for three days, I'm sooorry!
Resuming my last few days very quickly: thursday after school Zora and I went swimming, then baked cookies for a friend's birthday and then she slept over at my place. On friday I went to Thomas' place with 12 other people and we had a pretty epic night! I'm now a bit sleepy and soon gonna cook some pasta to prevent myself from dying, haha! I got the few things you can see above on tuesday by the way.

He used to call me jolie

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

outfit from tuesday: shirt: h&m, jeans: cheap monday, cardigan: zara, shoes: new look

Boy you've got that Superbass

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

 I tried to make myself this special kind of braid (can't find the name right now), still have to work on it though, so that I can make it longer and prettier!

Hellooo ! My tuesday was chill but really good, I had swimming today and I always feel so happy and satisfied with myself after it because I've done something sporty, haha! I don't really know what else to write here because my life isn't that super interesting right now, just the usual school stuff going on :)
The only thing I'm looking forward to this week is Thomas' sweet 17 party from friday to saturday. We're gonna spend the evening (*cough* night *cough*) at his place and paaarty, can't wait, will be so much fun! Other than that, HELP, what do you buy a 17 year old guy who loves technology? With a budget of maximum 50€? If you have any ideas, let me know please!
(oy oy I just remembered that there's thai food waiting for me downstairs, ttyl!)

Boy I'll make it through

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Outfit from wednesday - shorts: h&m divided (got them for 5€ on sale!), top: h&m, shoes: new look

The only productive thing I've done today is my spanish homework and I really don't think that I want to change anything about that, I guess I'll just keep on sitting in front of the laptop and update my tumblr. Since the weather's been really good yesterday, (24 degrees) I went swimming with a bunch of friends and it was really fun! I can't actually believe that we're already in October, it's kinda scary.. 
Well, that's all I can tell you right now, so I guess I'll just go back to being lazy and useless, awesome :D 
See you! xo