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Thursday, 22 September 2011

leggings, shoes, bag & top: new look, scarf: h&m, blazer: h&m divided

OMRHNSKLAMP, I'm so stressed that I'm typing this so fast that every second word has a mistake in it and oooh my god! It's quite late already and I just finished downloading music for tomorrow, but I haven't finished packing yet and I'm running from the one corner of my room to the other to answer texts and now facebook won't work and let me know what's going on tomorrow and AHH. Yes, hello busy evening! Yesterday was Lisa's birthday, so Zora and me are sleeping over at her place and in the evening there'll be a big warm up with like 20 people (yes, a big one) and I can't find anything to wear and we're not completely ready with her present and huh, I should try to breathe. I'm not going to write a lot more here because I'm all jittery and I also still need to shower AND we get our class photos and stuff taken tomorrow, so I should try not sleeping less than 6 hours, since I don't want to look like a zombie!
Not gonna post tomorrow, I'll try to for saturday, bonne nuit and à plus tard, xo


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