Last Set of Belgium Pictures

Sunday, 18 September 2011

 my brother and I messing around and taking pictures
 .. and my dad joined us! hahaha
 there was a pink fountain, which I absolutely had to take a picture of, even if it's pink-er IRL.
 when my mum saw both of "our men" reading, she shouted "Nora, Nora, take a picture, we'll never get to see them both reading at the same time ever again!" haha
 trying out a low ponytail. I do quite like it, but I think I'll stick to the sportier high ponytail :)

 my brother and I in a huge fish box (?) in a fishing-museum
 random outfit I wore, shirt: topshop, shorts: zara girls
 there was this kind of guest book in the fishing museum and everyone wrote boring stuff like "very nice!" in it, so I decided to be a rebel and draw something, haha
 random outfit; top: h&m divided, shorts: usual jeans from zara, I cut them myself, bag: h&m, flats: newlook
 my brother got this small boat, he has a whole collection!
 this was soo much fun, people were looking at me as if I'd be an alien running over small kids, hahaha
 I had a-fucking-mazing sushi as lunch with my mum, mmmhh

So this is going to be the last post with pictures from Belgium. I want to thank you all my sweet readers, for the lovely comments I get, what would I do without you!
I just finished doing my muy boring spanish homework and now I'm lying around, half in pajamas, half jogging stuff and waiting for lunch, a usual boring sunday, huh? However, TTYL! xo

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