Buys from Belgium

Saturday, 10 September 2011

 from a shop called Sacha, 70€ or so
 from the same shop, 55€ (they're soooooo beautiful, right?!)
 everything from a random street market (I only bought the yellow and transparent nail polish and the upper bracelets, the rest's Victoria's)
 black blazer from a Secondhand shop, 7€
Massimo Dutti knitted pullover from a Secondhand shop, 20€

PS: Because so many of you asked where you can get the frozen yoghurt in Luxembourg: it's in the Groussgaass (Grand Rue) and next to the Lush shop (you know, where they sell soaps and stuff), you can enter a small passage, and at the back of that passage, the shop's on the left :)


  1. leuke schoenen!

  2. what a great purchase!
    i'm happy for u, especially the floral boots, they are pretty!


  3. richtig schöne Fotos von der Kirmes. :)

    Gegenseitiges verfolgen' ?

    würd' mich echt freuen. c:

  4. liked the things you bought, the floral shoes are amazing! (:

  5. The second shoes are really pretty!:)


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