Black and Green

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Thursday's Outfit: top: newlook, jeggings: dr denim, cardigan: h&m, shoes: random shop

Ayyy, what a bad update-week this is! I'm sorry for my very bad blogging, but I've been pretty busy, soo. Yesterday night, I met up with 10 other bloggers and we had dinner at Vapiano and later a drink in town and it was soo nice to meet all the girls, I had an amazing time! (but I didn't take any pictures, bahh). Today, I basically spent the whole day with friends and tomorrow I have to do my spanish homework, brrr!
Well, anyways, I'll try to post a bit more tomorrow and I'm going to prepare posts for the next week, so that you won't have to wait for days like this week :) However, have a nice saturday night! xo

PS: the pictures aren't really good, apologies for that.


  1. whoop! Wirklich schöne Hose. (:

  2. Great outfit!
    We love your shirt! :)


  3. i like your outfit :) oh and dr denim jeans suits you soooo much its unbelievable, i mean your legs look miles long haha! :o it would be nice to see some shopping hauls again xx


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