Small Photobomb

Friday, 30 September 2011

 me drawing
 I spent my monday evening drawing random combinations of how I'd like to wear some stuff sometime soon (ignore the black thingie there and I really really didn't put any effort in these drawings, so don't judge, haha!) So now I have this mini list to look at when I can once again "find nothing to wear"

 this small cutie visited us some days ago and I was bored so I took pictures of it (omg I look so pale here haha)
 Isabel chilling in the sixth year room (a room for only the two "highest" years of secondary) on monday
 upside down picture from one of the walls in that room (random much, I know, haha)
 bracelets, etc, I wore on thursday
my this year's school picture. I think it's okay, but I definitely have better ones, and am I the only one who thinks that my nose looks big on it? :(



Thursday, 29 September 2011

what I wore on monday: shirt: zara, shorts: diy, tights & shoes: new look

I don't have aaanything interesting to share, sorryy!

I got a hole in my head

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

 shirt: primark, shorts: mango, belt: h&m
Helloo! Since I'm too lazy to look for the camera stuff I need to put the pictures from my camera on the laptop, I thought I'd show you what I'm planning to wear tomorrow! The weather's been crazy the last few days, always around 23 degrees and lots of sunshine, but I'm not complaining!
My day was really good, I spent good times with friends and I'm now waiting for my pizza to be done and I'll spend my evening watching Desperate Housewives and Body of proof, so I'm off now! xo

Plankin' at the bus stop

Sunday, 25 September 2011

very, very, very random pictures of Zora, Lisa and me, hahaha

I don't even know what to write here, excepted for that I had a very chaotic but funny friday night and that I spent my saturday eating cake with friends and watching Inception (epic mindfuck). Life's a bit confusing and weird right now and I really have other things on my mind than caring about what to wear or taking pictures every minute.. However, I hope that'll all come back soon!

There's something about you

Thursday, 22 September 2011

leggings, shoes, bag & top: new look, scarf: h&m, blazer: h&m divided

OMRHNSKLAMP, I'm so stressed that I'm typing this so fast that every second word has a mistake in it and oooh my god! It's quite late already and I just finished downloading music for tomorrow, but I haven't finished packing yet and I'm running from the one corner of my room to the other to answer texts and now facebook won't work and let me know what's going on tomorrow and AHH. Yes, hello busy evening! Yesterday was Lisa's birthday, so Zora and me are sleeping over at her place and in the evening there'll be a big warm up with like 20 people (yes, a big one) and I can't find anything to wear and we're not completely ready with her present and huh, I should try to breathe. I'm not going to write a lot more here because I'm all jittery and I also still need to shower AND we get our class photos and stuff taken tomorrow, so I should try not sleeping less than 6 hours, since I don't want to look like a zombie!
Not gonna post tomorrow, I'll try to for saturday, bonne nuit and à plus tard, xo

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bonjour mes chèrs amis! Today was, like every tuesday, my chilliest day of the week! I had swimming for the first time this year and it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. After school, Elizabete and I went to town and had frappuccinos (hooow do you spell that?!) at Downtown Café and talked for nearly 3 hours, I had so much fun! Oh yes, and the sexy picture you can see above is one we took today, messing around with my phone hehe. Wellll, I'm gonna end my tuesday with an episode of The lying game and a cup of hot tea, mmhh, fall/winter actually sometimes can be pretty nice! Off I go! xo

England Outfit

Monday, 19 September 2011

One of the outfits I wore in England, really like this one!
top: new look, jeggings: dr denim, flats: new look, leather jacket: zara, bag: h&m

Today is gonna be another loong, boring and tiring monday, with 8 lessons, no free hours and only one hour for lunch, meh! I won't do anything exciting after school today, just go to my grandma's place, drink red bull, read magazines, watch tv and do homework. Buut tomorrow, I'm going to have a drink with Elizabete after school, so I'm really looking forward to that!

(woohoo for scheduled posts)

Last Set of Belgium Pictures

Sunday, 18 September 2011

 my brother and I messing around and taking pictures
 .. and my dad joined us! hahaha
 there was a pink fountain, which I absolutely had to take a picture of, even if it's pink-er IRL.
 when my mum saw both of "our men" reading, she shouted "Nora, Nora, take a picture, we'll never get to see them both reading at the same time ever again!" haha
 trying out a low ponytail. I do quite like it, but I think I'll stick to the sportier high ponytail :)

 my brother and I in a huge fish box (?) in a fishing-museum
 random outfit I wore, shirt: topshop, shorts: zara girls
 there was this kind of guest book in the fishing museum and everyone wrote boring stuff like "very nice!" in it, so I decided to be a rebel and draw something, haha
 random outfit; top: h&m divided, shorts: usual jeans from zara, I cut them myself, bag: h&m, flats: newlook
 my brother got this small boat, he has a whole collection!
 this was soo much fun, people were looking at me as if I'd be an alien running over small kids, hahaha
 I had a-fucking-mazing sushi as lunch with my mum, mmmhh

So this is going to be the last post with pictures from Belgium. I want to thank you all my sweet readers, for the lovely comments I get, what would I do without you!
I just finished doing my muy boring spanish homework and now I'm lying around, half in pajamas, half jogging stuff and waiting for lunch, a usual boring sunday, huh? However, TTYL! xo

Black and Green

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Thursday's Outfit: top: newlook, jeggings: dr denim, cardigan: h&m, shoes: random shop

Ayyy, what a bad update-week this is! I'm sorry for my very bad blogging, but I've been pretty busy, soo. Yesterday night, I met up with 10 other bloggers and we had dinner at Vapiano and later a drink in town and it was soo nice to meet all the girls, I had an amazing time! (but I didn't take any pictures, bahh). Today, I basically spent the whole day with friends and tomorrow I have to do my spanish homework, brrr!
Well, anyways, I'll try to post a bit more tomorrow and I'm going to prepare posts for the next week, so that you won't have to wait for days like this week :) However, have a nice saturday night! xo

PS: the pictures aren't really good, apologies for that.

Monday's Outfit

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

shorts: topshop, shirt: my brother's, bag: new look, shoes: h&m, belt: h&m

Currently watching Desperate Housewives with Kathlyn and enjoying being able to stay up late, since I can sleep in until 8:30 tomorrow, awwhh yeah!

School is a little boring right now, but I enjoy my tons of free hours (super long lunch breaks for example!), which I can spend with my friends and relax around.
Sorry for the boring post, but this really is all I have to tell you and I hope that I'll have more interesting stuff to tell you soon! Until then, have a nice week! xo

Hush, hush, hush, you know I'm coming for your touch, touch, touch

Monday, 12 September 2011

 Some pictures from Friday night.

I'm not going to write a lot here, because it's already late and I really need my sleep. Describing my last few days: friday evening big night out with the girls, saturday: late birthday party + sleepover at Sarah's place and today: being tired, homework and complaining about the fact that it's already sunday, bah! I had a great weekend and now I'm off to bed because all in all, I got about 11 hours of sleep in one weekend, haha!
(and yes, when you are reading this, it already is monday and I'm sitting in some random class trying not to fall asleep)

More Beach Pictures

Sunday, 11 September 2011