Thursday, 11 August 2011

shirt and shorts:topshop, flats:new look, sunglasses:camden lock

Today's outfit. The sun is finally out again and it was around 21°C, yay!
I just spent a whole hour on preparing posts for the two weeks that I won't be able to post. I tried to organise a post for at least every second day while I'm gone, so that you still have something to read on here:) I'm off to Belgium early in the morning tomorrow so I wish you all a good time until I'm back, see you! xo


  1. lovely outfit!

  2. totally love this shorts, they fit you great! =) and don't worry about weather in your country, we have almost the same terrible weather here as you have;) I wish the next summer will be definitely better and warmer;)=)

  3. Love your outfit, especially your top :)


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