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Friday, 19 August 2011

 Blue t-shirt (it's a little lighter IRL) from Dorothy Perkins, £5
 T-shirt from Dorothy Perkins, £10 or so
 Sporty-kind-of-shirt, around £5 and from New Look
 Cropped top with fringes, New Look, £6
 Hoodie (more salmon-coloured-ish IRL) from New Look, £7

 Knitted pullover, New Look, around £20
 (brighter IRL), from Primark, £8
 From New Look, £10
 Cute jumper from Primark, £8
 Two coloured, cropped shirt from Primark, £8
Loovely tank top from Camden Lock, £5
 Hollister Hoodie (it's soooo incredibly soft!!), £50


  1. lovely items, nora!
    made a new blog :
    hope you will follow :)

  2. Gorgeous knitted pullover!

  3. omg love the 2 top crops <3


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