Second London Trip

Sunday, 7 August 2011

 we still had to go to Topshop. We spent there two hours or so.. but it's so hard to resist!

 champage glasses made out of old beer bottles

 they made the sushi right in front of you!

 ...these are all soaps!

 all these really made me wanna have a tunnel :b (but I would never really make myself one!)

 iPhone covers

 some shops were full of lace dresses, so pretty
 you could really find any kind of clothes there!

 is this true or is it true?;)

 beautiful Jil
 alcohol-free Piña Colada & Jil's hennah tattoo
 it was by far bigger than I expected it to be and it was incredibly busy!
 no words needed, I think?
 oh yes, I'm a huge Patrick Star fan, hehehe
we bought huge donuts before we left to take our coach, yum

So on our second and last Saturday in England, we went to London again, because we haven't had the chance to go to Camden Lock the last time. Camden Town was really impressive, loud, beautiful, funny.. amazing! The shops were awesome, there were food stands with delicious food and drinks on every corner, every shop had its own music, the people were so fun to look at - a great experience! We would've loved to be able to have stayed longer, but unfortunately we had to take our coach back to Cambridge at 5PM. But I definitely recommend it to everyone who goes to London, and I absolutely need to go back there one day!
[I'm still so sad that I wasn't allowed to take pictures in a Second Hand shop, sucks!:(]


  1. Nice Photos! I always wanted to visit London! I hope you had a good time there =)

  2. so this is totally great! exactly what I love! and I just have to ask you, how much cost that clothes and shoes there? (please give me an answer;)=) I would be grateful;)=))

  3. really nice pictures! after watching them I so feel like going to London :D

  4. omg omg omg all these pictures are AMAZING , makes me want to go to london so badly ! xo

  5. @anon: thanks, that's nice to hear!:D xo


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