Room Inspiration

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Do you know those days where you simply wish you could re-arrange and decorate your whole room? Well I'm having one of these days right now. I'd like my room to be bigger, with one more window, a king size bed, white walls, a wooden floor, white furniture, big bookshelves filled with amazing books, curtains around my bed.. But oh well, I'll keep those ideas for my next home, I guess! Enjoy these pictures and feel inspired, they're all from weheartit.


  1. aaah that under sea one is a hotel in the maldives! :D so awkward if you're staying there and a scuba diver comes up to the window haha. it seems that everyone is going for the white victoria tornegren room but i prefer dark and ominous :p i love sinking into and sleeping in my black sheets. so nice to sleep in :)

  2. yes, now I'm in love with large white fresh rooms with magnificent window!♥


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