Random Pictures from England

Monday, 15 August 2011

 We often spent our evenings sitting in the park - (from left to right) Marco, Daniel, Luciano
 Daniel and Jil
 Wasabi ice cream Jil and I shared - soooo delicious!
 Me after shopping - very happy!
 We always got a lunch pack from our guest mum, but we always already ate it on our way to London and had lunch over there:b
 iPhones ftw!

 The best people♥
 Daniel and me :)
 A part (!) of our shopping bags
 All this was only our hand luggage!
 Oh god, I still can't believe how much we had to carry on our way back home, haha!
Random picture from a Cosmopolitan magazine

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  1. loved the photos (:
    so maaany shopping bags, haha!


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