Nora's back in da hood!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Yesss, I'm back in Luxembourg! I finished editing the tons of pictures I took while I was in Belgium and now I have to upload them all, which'll take aaages. But luckily, (*cough*) I forgot to post these pictures of some smaller things I bought in England. So I'll just post them now and I'll start with the pics from Belgium ASAP! [and btw, there's still a few shirts that I also bought over there but didn't have the time to show yet, so there'll be another post with pics of these!]
From left to right: black opaque tights from primark, dotted tights from primark, tights with little hearts on them from new look, grey opaque tights from primark, transparent tights from primark. They were all £2-£3.
Bandeaus both from Primark, £3 each.

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